Stake Your Claim Stable, we specialize in Harness Racing Partnerships. We are regarded as the #1 syndicate group in North America. The goal of our web-site is to give you a general idea of who we are and what we do. Upon finalizing your review, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you or meet with you personally to see if we might be a fit for your racehorse ownership interests.

Stake Your Claim Stable is completing it's 22nd successful year. We have built our reputation through hard work, ethics, educated decision making, and most importantly, we have surrounded ourselves with the best people in the business.

We recommend that you do your homework. Check out who the players are that offer partial ownership in a standardbred racehorse. This will provide you with the knowledge base to know that you are making an educated decision should you choose to get involved.

We sell a minimum share of 10% on each horse. Any percentage smaller than that creates a " Circus-Type" atmosphere, a paperwork nightmare, and a less than serious approach to a serious business.

The following are  important topics that should be addressed. Getting the necessary answers to these topics will allow you to make more educated and informed decisions when the time comes to get into the ownership game.

EXPERIENCE......Ask each entity how long they have been in the business of managing a syndicate with many owners. This is important because managing a syndicate is drastically different than owning a few horses on your own. As a potential new owner, finding the right syndicate is critical. Get verification and validation to back up the claims made by the different outfits.

COMMUNICATION.....How will I know what is going on with my horses ? When and where will they race? What races will they be competing in? How will I be kept in the loop? Email,Website,Hotline, or in Person? Will these updates be timely or only when things are going well? This is a legitimate credibility question. Ask It!

STATISTICS......Each company should provide you with these as it is a vital barometer as to their overall success. You should ask them who their best horses are and were and how much they earned. When was their last major stakes win? What was the largest purse one of their horses won this year? When was the last time they sold a horse at a public auction or privately for a big profit? How often does this happen? The answers you receive will go a long way towards showing you the type or quality of horses each firm tends to race and acquire. This will give you a great measuring stick with which to go by.

TRAINERS......Ask who they use, how long they have used them and how statistically successful they have been?

TRACKS.......Where do the horses race? Flexibility is vital in the potential success of a racehorse. By using multiple trainers, all of whom are part of our team, training responsibilities can be transferred quickly and seamlessly in an attempt to maximize profitability. Remember that owning racehorses is a big responsibility and these horses need to be cared for and managed properly to enhance the likelihood of success. Also remember that every track awards purse money for finishing in the top five, not just for winning.

EXPENSES.....Will I see every invoice that is associated with my horse?  Do I get billed monthly?  Do I receive my share of the purses won every month?  These are important questions to ask, it shows the integrity of the company.  Make sure you get every invoice associated with your horse, this will allow you to keep accurate records not only for yourself, but it will allow you to monitor the people who are in charge. Watch out for one time investment promises or no bills in the company's advertising.........this will always cause for major concern!!

HORSE SELECTION.....Who chooses the horses? Do I need to put my money up in advance or do I have the opportunity to buy the horses that I want? Having your choice allows you to feel more comfortable when making a buying decision. This method allows you to ask questions, look at racelines, watch replays etc. Most importantly, you will never be forced into a horse you may not be comfortable with. Why not choose the horse you like with a trainer you respect?

INSURANCE.......Are the horses covered for mortality loss? We have made an educated decision to insure all of our horses for mortality in the case of any untimely loss. Unfortunately, this does happen and we would prefer to be covered.

                                    Home Office Phone Number is ( 732) 920-6662

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